Monday, December 3, 2012

Opening chapter - The Death of O'Ryan Ross!

For your reading pleasure, the opening chapter of "The Death of O'Ryan Ross!" available now on Amazon in paperback ($6.99) or Kindle ($1.99) formats. Enjoy! As you read, consider this question - why do we as readers like dark work? What is it about the writing of Sylvia Plath, JD Salinger, and me that touches a chord within you. Send me your comments and I'll post a few of those responses as my next blog entry - the role of literary darkness.

Chapter One: 

During a break in classes at Daybreak College in the theater wing of the Schall Performing Arts Center a group of Theater majors lounged casually in the green room, where their discussions revolved around the recent production of Tennessee Williams’ one-act play “The Confessional.”
Antony Fedora coldly bemoaned that he found it to be too symbolic and contrived for his taste, Isaac Gore argued precisely the contrary, while Peter Ivanovich, having acted the role of bartender in the play felt obliged to remain aloof from the discussion even though he agreed with Antony’s position and instead was thumbing through the campus newspaper, the Daybreak Sunrise, which he had just retrieved from his mailbox in the student center.