Thursday, January 19, 2012

Disney and Bikers and Stammers - Oh My!

There is a lovely new interview that my friend Raychelle did at In the interview she touches on the writerly process, inspiration, some of my past works and my current work - "The Missionary and the Brute".

I had tons of fun doing this interview - I can tell by some of the excursions I took along the path of my responses. Any story that combines my trying-to-be-erudite-and-failing-miserably use of fake Latin combined with my experiences regarding Disney and supplanted with tales culled from my blowing harp in a biker band is okay with me! That more or less sums up my existence to be honest. It's fun to read some of my own responses knowing that I could fill mega-blogs by expanding on any one of those brief tales.

Enjoy! And while you're there - check out Raychelle's other interviews and her own writing as well!

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Raychelle Muhammad said...

Thanks, John! You gave a fantastic interview. I learned so much from your story. Your advice to fellow writers was and is priceless. It's exactly what I want to see on "The Block"!