Tuesday, February 28, 2012

The Missionary and the Brute Blog Tour - 2012

Greetings! I am ready to announce the The Missionary and the Brute Blog Tour - 2012. Woohoo!

What we will be doing is quite simple. Starting tomorrow and running for almost two weeks, we will be traveling on a virtual tour from blogsite to blogsite of my fellow authors and/or readers. In some cases, those site-owners will interview me. In other cases, I will interview them. I will provide a few pithy guest blogs about my own literary musings and will provide some prequel meta-fictional scenes from "The Missionary and the Brute" in several others. Fun stuff all around!

Overall it's a great way for me to not only promote my novel, but also to lift up people who inspire me with their own work. The hope is that after you read my spiel, you will spend a little time exploring their sites and find out how incredible they are as well and will join/like/bookmark their sites to make them as much a part of your daily routine as they are mine.

The Missionary and the Brute Blog Tour kicks off tomorrow February 29th at my friend Kathy Reinhart's Inkdrop Interviews site and then proceeds from there. Stop back here each day to find the next stops on the list! I will tease forth only the URLs of the next three stops each day...

Wednesday February 29th
"Interview with John Kenworthy" at http://inkdropinterviews.com/

Thursday March 1st
"Mrs. Starr's EZ Peasy Spinach Surprise" at http://sheilapierson.tumblr.com/

Friday March 2nd
"Stunt Double" at http://honiebriggs.com/

Saturday March 3rd
"Educating Tanzania"

Sunday March 4th
"Kenworthy interviews Author Raychelle Muhammad"

Monday March 5th
"Travel Tips with Jadwin Ross"

Tuesday March 6th
"Interview with John Kenworthy"

Wednesday March 7th
"Social Imperialism in The Missionary and the Brute"

Thursday March 8th
"Raven's Reviews"

Friday March 9th
"How to get a bad review without slitting your wrists"

Saturday March 10th
"Free Excerpt from The Missionary and the Brute"

Sunday March 11th
"Kenworthy interviews the Missionary Jadwin Ross"

Monday March 12th
"Video Excerpt"

Tuesday March 13th
"Interview with John Kenworthy"

Some topics/dates may be subject to change. But good heavens I hope not...


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