Saturday, November 16, 2013

"The Beast" is here...

"The Beast" is here a few weeks earlier than predicted. Woohoo!

What an incredible process this has been for me. From the writing of "The Beast" while actually in the belly of The Beast - to the editing, proofing processes, to the release - and beyond... This has been one of my favorite writing experiences ever. Ever. Perhaps that is because it means so much to me. It cuts deep to who I am as a person, both in the writing and in the content.

You'll understand when you read this little gem that it may be small, but it says, well pretty much everything!

I would love to have this book take off a little and reach as many people as possible - not only because I think it is one of my best, if not THE best writing I can do... but because all royalties go toward building preschools in Tanzania. Namely The Linda School in Kaloleni.

There are various ways you can purchase this book, each with benefits for you and for Brick by Brick for Tanzania!, Inc. They are as follows:

  • Click on the Right. This little store gives Brick by Brick the largest donation (even if you have a Discount Code, it is the largest)
  • Amazon This is second highest donation value for us. The added plus of buying it through Amazon is that it will add to our ranking in the algorithm and will hence promote us to more people. Even if you don't use Amazon to buy, please consider LIKING the page, tweeting it, Giving it stars and reviewing it. That all helps push us out there. 
  • Barnes & Noble, other websites - lowest donation value, but added convenience by being located near you. These will not have access for usually fourteen days or so. 
  • Kindle - Quick, easy and done. Nice donation and you can share with friends. Don't forget that you can use the "Give to a friend" button to share an inexpensive treasure with others and donate to Brick at the same time. 
Thanks so much for supporting my writing and the schools we build in Tanzania. Combined together in "The Beast" it is like a perfect storm for me. 


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