Friday, November 25, 2011

Spreading the word

Some folks have asked me how to spread the word regarding the release of "The Missionary and the Brute." There are some easy ways to help do so. Some right here. Here are some easy thoughts.
  • DIGG THIS: On every page - wayyy down at the bottom - is a DIGG icon. By clicking this, it will help spread the news on the DIGG pages. You can log-in using any existing FaceBook or Twitter log-ins. Painless.
  • LIKE THIS: On this page, choose to LIKE it, and that will be reflected a number of places. In fact, anywhere you see "The Missionary and the Brute" click on LIKE this. The FaceBook page (search for The Missionary and the Brute), or on or here. It helps. It is good to be LIKEd.
  • Become a Follower here. I'm not big on being a follower in life, but here it works. Basically all that does is let's you know when I update the pages (typically I write on weekends and have the various blog-entries scheduled at intervals to go live - I'm up to January on those... you have a lot of reading coming up...)
  • Use Amazon tools to spread the word. Write a REVIEW if you have read it and liked it. Or add "The Missionary and the Brute" to a LIST. (I recently added it to a LIST of my favorite books about Africa, but it might also show up on a LIST of books with major twists - or one of books featuring transgressive fiction, or graphic sensuality and violence, or whathaveyou... be creative!)
  • TWEET and re-TWEET any postings you make or see about the novel.
It all serves to help get the word out to folks who don't know of the book personally but would be great audiences for just such a novel. This is the sort of work that will need to go viral to get to the right audience for what it is... It certainly will not be everyone, but I believe very strongly that in the right hands it will be a much requested work.

Any help therein would be greatly appreciated.

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