Sunday, November 13, 2011

Judging a book...

The book cover work-in-progress. Featuring a shot of a lion that I took in Africa several years ago on safari for the front, and a nice photo of me from the docMiami International Film Festival on the other side. The back text is a standard blurb that I have been honing in query letters to editors/agents for a couple of years now. "The Missionary and the Brute" will be a trade paperback (6" x 9" size) with 270 pages of drama and intrigue .

There is indeed a significant lion in the book - and it plays a pivotal role at a very key moment. Perhaps it is more in a symbolic than integrally active way, but it is pivotal nonetheless. And a horrifying chapter to write from my perspective.

In any event, I like the formality of the cover - and how it can easily become the first of a visually similar series of books (changing the colors as we progress), which is precisely my thought.

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