Sunday, March 18, 2012

Animated Lives! now on Amazon!

Just in time to eradicate those post St. Patrick's Day Blues - a lively fun book that embraces the lighter side of my writing. Now on Amazon - "Animated Lives!" It is always really fun for me to watch the roll-out of one of my books. It goes live on the publisher site first, then it gets its barebones look on Amazon. Then it gets a description, a LOOK-INSIDE and the beginning rankings. Shortly after that it starts appearing on Powells, Barnes & Nobles, etc. in a very skeletal form. Months later those will fill in with details as well.

But for now Animated Lives! is live and well and available on Amazon. Enjoy!

Well frankly do more than enjoy - LIKE it, RATE it, REVIEW it, and BUY it!  Not necessarily in that order... and then yes, ENJOY it!!!!

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