Saturday, March 17, 2012

Special request...

Good morning!
My friend, author Sam Kirshaw (The Cushion Effect) has asked if I'd help bring awareness to Somoto Canyon Tours of Nicaragua. It is a cause that is very dear to her and I am happy to veer away from my talk of writing and my books for a moment.

As in so many impoverished regions of the world, the middleman is the scourge of all scourges. I know that to be so in Tanzania and Sam knows that be so from Nicaragua as well. For every well intended effort, there is someone with his hand out winnowing away part of the proceeds so the full benefit does not truly get to those who need it most. There is still benefit, but much less than might have been.

Understanding this, Somoto Canyon Tours aims to keep the benefit in the local region. As Sam explains, "It is a community project in a very poor part of Nicaragua with all profits staying in the community. No middlemen or big tour operators." The money stays with the people not siphoned away to some FatCat. 

She continues, "These are hard-working people and need to capitalise on the opportunity they have." If only all people had the opportunity to positively impact their own self-destiny. 

The blog detailing the tours and their mission has gone live at If you have a chance check them out. And if you have a vacation coming soon - please add this to your consideration list. 

I'll get back to writing about writing and my latest release "Animated Lives!" with my next post. Thanks for listening!

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