Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Day 8: Alwyn Ross writes "Visions of Bakshi"

Day 8 and the road is a little bumpy today. Those weak of heart should probably turn around and wait for smoother paving tomorrow. Today the Missionary Jadwin Ross's younger brother, the animation historian Alwyn Ross, writes about animation legend, Ralph Bakshi. To much of the world, Bakshi is known primarily for directing the X-rated Fritz the Cat, but to animation historians he is known simply as a brilliant animator. The subject matter and context are not the point - the man is a genius at what he does. It is therefore fitting that today's blog stop lands at writer Max Loved's erotica website. Be warned this is a NSFW (not safe for work) site because of content. However, also be warned that the key word is 'writer'. She is simply a brilliantly elegant writer working in a unique genre niche - not unlike how some scribes work in niche markets - paranormal romance, steampunk, westerns. Each has a unique content and vocabulary and yet each requires a deft writer's touch to be successful. 

Tis a fitting stop then for a story about Ralph Bakshi - and Alwyn Ross...  

Wednesday March 7th

"Alwyn Ross writes: Visions of Bakshi" (NSFW)


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