Thursday, March 1, 2012

Day Two! If you can't stand the heat...

The Missionary and the Brute Blog Tour continues today with a decided left turn! My friend and fellow writer (poetry, short stories), Sheila Pierson, graciously opens her blog to a bit of madness today as we follow the kitchen travails of two of the characters from "The Missionary and the Brute" in a prequel short story set just days before the mother and daughter travel to Tanzania with the Missionary Jadwin Ross.

It's funny how characters evolve. When I began writing the novel, I had planned that Mrs. Starr and Raven be minor peripheral characters who would disappear into the woodwork while the heavy hitters took the stage. I had no intention on focusing on them much at all. As the writing progressed however each took a somewhat decided turn and ultimately became a bit more involved than I anticipated.

And here they are again!

Thursday March 1st
"Mrs. Starr's EZ Peasy 
Spinach Surprise" at

Complete Schedule:
Wednesday February 29th
"Interview with John Kenworthy"

Thursday March 1st
"Mrs. Starr's EZ Peasy 
Spinach Surprise" at

Friday March 2nd
"Stunt Double" at

Saturday March 3rd
"Educating Tanzania" at

Sunday March 4th
"Kenworthy interviews Author Raychelle Muhammad"

Monday March 5th
"Kenworthy interviews the Missionary Jadwin Ross"

Tuesday March 6th
"Interview with John Kenworthy"

Wednesday March 7th
"Social Imperialism in The Missionary and the Brute"

Thursday March 8th
"Raven's Reviews"

Friday March 9th
"How to get a bad review without slitting your wrists"

Saturday March 10th
"Free Excerpt from The Missionary and the Brute"

Sunday March 11th
"Travel Tips with Jadwin Ross"

Monday March 12th
"Video Excerpt"

Tuesday March 13th
"Interview with John Kenworthy"


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