Monday, March 19, 2012

I empathize with mine-goblins in underwear. So what?

For my latest book, "Animated Lives!" I had the leeway to interview whomever the heck I chose. My main criteria for selection was that the animator had to have created work that I found enjoyable, interesting, challenging, important or hopefully all of the above. The first chapter kicks off with Slovenian interviewee, Dusan Kastelic who single-handedly made a strange little CGi film called "Perk" which can best be described as 'An out of work mine-goblin dances around his cave in his underwear to accordion-laced punk rock.'

I can't say honestly that it's all that important of a film. Nor is it really challenging. It wasn't meant to be. I suppose it's interesting, but that's not the word that comes to mind when most folks view it. Mostly it's just pure quirky, blissfully joyous entertainment.

Enjoyable? Heck, yeah! Unabashedly so.

Other chapters feature famed animators such as Suzie Templeton talking about her Academy Award-winning film "Peter and the Wolf", Andrew Jimenez of Pixar talking about "One Man Band" Disney's famed Ward Kimball walking us through "Stop that Tank"... but this little film by Kastelic may strangely be the most representative of the quirky films encountered in this little book.

And yes, strangely is the operative word.

Enjoy! Lord knows I do!

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