Monday, March 12, 2012

Back Home Again! (Blog Tour Recap)

What a wonderful thing! It's always lovely to go on the road to talk about writing, my books and other people's books, but it is also great to be back home again in the comfort of one's own blog. It was a whirlwind tour to be sure - and what I've pulled out of it is pure amazement and joy at the diversity of great writers supporting one another in a loving sense of community and sharing.

I hope that my constant readers have enjoyed going on other blogs and that you have joined, followed, liked and bookmarked those blogs to continue following these great and special authors and readers. Such incredible people they are. Our format ran from interviews of me to interviews of others - from my pontifications on various subjects such as how to handle bad reviews to several pieces of fiction either excerpted from my work or new prequel pieces written specifically for the tour.

I think for me personally I enjoyed writing the prequel pieces the best - the process of doing those was an eye-opener for me about structure. Some - like "Raven's Reviews" even pushed the form a bit in ways that I absolutely loved doing and will lead to similarly playful manipulation of form for future works.

The other thing I loved was reading all the blog postings before and after mine on those individual sites. What fun! Just great beautiful minds out there doing lovely things. Buy their books! Revisit their sites! Literature is alive and well on the great blogosphere!

Some subtle things happened along the way - not the least of which was the announcement of my next book - "Animated Lives!" being published on May 20th! This odd little tome is one of those combination pieces - wherein fictional character - Alwyn Ross (Jadwin's brother!) interviews real-life animators working in the realm of short fiction. These interviews cover the gamut of animation excellence - international, domestic, drawn, stop-motion, digital, pixellation, 3-D, paper cutouts, first-time animators, award nominees, OSCAR winners!, and historical personages. Very funky little project this.

And it all continues the ongoing saga of the Ross family and their lives in Newtonville, Wisconsin and beyond. Also - it sets up the next novel in the series "The Blue Man" for release in Fall 2012! (I have chosen to release the books in an every six month schedule for as long as my stamina holds).

Thanks again for sharing this journey with me! If what you have read has whetted your interest - please consider buying a book or two at the John D. Kenworthy Store on Amazon. (

Happy reading! And thank you thank you thank you to all of my wondrous blog hosts!

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