Monday, March 5, 2012

Day 7 - Author ME Franco interviews John Kenworthy

After an unexpected detour on Day 6 of our Book Blog Tour we are back on track on Day 7 with ME Franco's interview of me. It's always fun to have new and exciting questions taking us further into the backstage workings of writing "The Missionary and the Brute" and more. Please join me today on Michelle's site and check out not only my own interview but also her great novel - "Where Will You Run?" available on Amazon and multiple outlets.

Tuesday March 6th

"Interview with John Kenworthy"


Complete Schedule:

Wednesday February 29th
"Interview with John Kenworthy"

Thursday March 1st
"Mrs. Starr's EZ Peasy Spinach Surprise" 

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Tuesday March 6th
"Interview with John Kenworthy"

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"How to get a bad review without slitting your wrists"

Saturday March 10th
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Sunday March 11th
"Free Excerpt of The Missionary and the Brute"

Monday March 12th
"Travel Tips with Jadwin Ross"

Tuesday March 13th
"Interview with John Kenworthy"


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