Thursday, March 8, 2012

Day 9: Raven's Reviews

One of the great joys of doing this Book Blog Tour is revisiting favorite characters from "The Missionary and the Brute" with backstories and prequel shorts that are not necesary for understanding the book itself but are fun nonetheless for me. Raven Starr had a small but integral role in the novel, but is really fun to write about outside of that tale. This is one of my favorite pieces - a web log review she supposedly did for a class project of a Steam Punk novel. It is replete with strikeouts and suggestions and comments from her AP English teacher. (It also let's me talk about "Flash Gold" by Lindsay Buroker!) So much fun - and I get to write about Steam Punk too. Thanks to Brenda Drake for turning me on to this genre - I look forward to her own contribution to Steam Punk literature in time!

And thanks again to Sheila Pierson for so graciously opening up her blog to my little words. It is amazing the generosity of fellow writers. I'm always amazed and thrilled by that. It's really heartening to feel that support!

Thank you thank you thank you!

And someday maybe, Raven might, just might join that hallowed coterie of authors. You never know...
(well, I do maybe but not



Thursday March 8th

"Raven's Reviews"


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